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Announcements ...

  • Just Quilt It sponsoring bus to Chatauqua Show. See details on the Calendar page.
  • See the Getaway page for registration information and class listings. Registration runs Aug 1st to Sept 30th.
  • See Calendar page for upcoming events and more!

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Register for NEORQC's Annual Getaway by Sept 30th!


Sign up for NEORQC's next exciting getaway weekend event! The getaway committee has selected 16 great classes plus an open studio. As always, classes fill in on a first-come first-served manner. If there is a class that you are passionate about ... register as early as possible! Just $100 holds your spot with the balance due in January.


We have a fantastic line-up of classes and instructors. Mark your calendar and call your friends as you won't want to miss this 2015 retreat gathering!

Clarion Inn & Conference Center
6625 Dean Memorial Parkway, Hudson, OH 44236

Clarion Inn website link   ---   Google map link

Along with such great teachers, there is plenty of free time after hours for socializing w/other quilters and friends!

If you have any questions, contact MaryAnn Grayson, NEORQC Getaway Chair, 817 West Avenue, Elyria, OH 44035 at 440-322-1220 or getaway@neorqc.com.

Click here to go to the Getaway page with registration and class information ...


Last Days of the Trove ...


St Theresa's Treasure TroveThe end of September will be last days of the Trove as we now know it. The shop must consolidate its studio spaces and has set the deadline of September 30,2014 as the last official day open.

For the rest of August, the Trove will be open Wed.-Thurs.-Fri.-Sat.-from 11am-5pm. Starting in September, there will be some extended hours and Tuesday will be added to the present days open. Or by Apt. Call 859-380-2833 to make an apt. at least 1 day in advance. MOST everything is 25%-75% OFF. There are some things that will not be on sale - but for the most part, many things are negotiable with a reasonable offer.

The shop has one of the BEST and most extensive collection of African textiles. There are many handwoven Kente Cloths, Asok cloths, Kuba cloths. Clothing items (grand BUBUs), tye dyes, Morrocan wool Panchos, Morrocan woven floor mats, Yoruban Beaded Ceremonial Vests and Crowns, Dance Belts, Zebra rugs. There are also Dogon Ladders, beautiful Ethno-Graphic Molas from the Kuna Indians of San Blas Islands, some hand woven and stitched textiles from Quatemala and Oaxoca. There are too many things to list-you must come and See-Look-Dig-Explore the Trove! It is an adventure for the Bodacious-Hearted

For more information about this member shop, visit the Shops/Resources page or check out the website for St Theresa Treasure Trove ...

President's Message


Greetings and Hello NEORQC Quilters!


We have gotten thru the very rough snowy winter. All kinds snowfall records were broken. Than we had the spring rains come and finally the summer has arrived. YES, it is hot but enjoy because before we know it summer will disappear and fall will be here.


First, I need to apologize to all of you and especially to The Western Reserve Quilters Anonymous Guild, who were super hosts for the March General meeting. The guest speaker, Catherine "Cate" Gynn presented a wonderful display of her quilts. There were a few issues that needed to be taken care of and they took a little more of my time than I thought they would, but everything is settled and I will move on.

The June General Meeting was hosted by Ladies of The Parlour Guild in Mentor, OH. The last two meetings were pot luck lunches and the food was great! There was a request for the recipe "Creamy Red Potato Salad." Checkout our website for the recipe. Marty Anastasio of The Quilted Thimble Shop was the featured speaker. She told us about making a family tree quilt. The Quilted Thimble Shop is a new shop in Chesterland, OH.

family tree quilt

The 2015 Getaway is in progress and planned to be at the Clarion Inn & Conference Center in Hudson, OH. MaryAnn Grayson and her committee is already working very hard to make this a great weekend.

We will not be doing a mystery quilt this year . . . instead we will be having a fabric challenge. Paula Wedig is in charge of the challenge and you can purchase the fabric from her.

The By-Laws were presented for approval at the June meeting, however there were a few changes suggested. They will be presented at the October Meeting for approval. Also the Nominating Committee will be calling members to be nominated and introduced at the October meeting and the election will be at the March 2015 General Meeting. Remember this is your organization and your help is needed.

Have a wonderful summer. See you all --in October!

Keep on quilting,
Patricia R. Magiste, President of NEORQC


Recipe: Creamy Red Potato Salad


Attendees at the June NEORQC General Meeting held in Mentor raved about one of the pot luck dishes . . . the Creamy Red Potato Salad! That dish was brought by Vivian Copley and she has shared her recipe for those that would love to try their hand at it.

Incidentally, this is not the first time one of Vivian's recipe's have been requested by popular demand. At the June 2012 meeting, attendees fell in love with her Watermelon Salad recipe.

Click here for the recipe... (updated 6/26/2014)


Host Guilds Needed


We are seeking a guild to volunteer to host any meetings in 2015 (March or October). NEORQC currently offers $250 to host guilds to cover expenses.host-guilds-needed

Basic needs:

  • Facility with room setup for the meeting
  • Program / Speaker
  • Lunch is generally potluck, but the host supplies morning pastries, coffee & punch and table service (ie plates & eating utensils)

NEORQC has its own microphone system if one is not available at the facility. Contact Mary Bernower, VP for additional information at vp@neorqc.com.




Support our local member shops and quilt teachers!!
They are the best!!

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